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Wood Decks Endless Possibilities

Liven Up Your Home With A Custom Wood Deck

Living in St Petersburg we are spoiled by the beautiful weather. A great way to spend even more time outside in the sun and not leave home is with a custom wood deck. Are you someone who likes a return on your investment? Not only is an outdoor deck a great space for entertaining family and friends, but a deck adds value to your home. With some great choices of lumber for your outdoor deck, Anderson Lumber can assist with any questions you may have about any of our great wood decking.

If you love entertaining and want a great space to do it, an outdoor deck can be built and customized to fit your needs. Family get togethers, parties, BBQ’s and more all without leaving the comforts of your home. Most people feel like they have an outdoor living area. Easily add a TV, tables and comfortable furniture for even more customizing.

Like we said before there are many ways to customize and design your home deck. Match it up with your current living space, accent with colors and outdoor lighting and shades of stain. The possibilities are endless and Anderson Lumber will help with any questions about your new outdoor wood deck.

One of the nice things about a deck is that it actually makes your living sopace feel bigger. A deck gives you the option to get away without leaving home. Need a litlte fresh air or just some space to think? Step outside and enjoy all the comforts and sounds of nature on your beautiful customized wood deck. It just doesnt get much better than this.

If the initial cost has you worried make sure to do your research. A wood deck can be built fairly inexpensive and the ROI is excellent. You will have plenty of customizing options from the start. Just make sure to ask lots of questions and compare materials and quotes. If you need help and have questions, remember your friends at Anderson Lumber of St Pete. We are lumber experts and have assisted our St Petersburg community with deck builds for over 5 decades.

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