Teak Lumber St Petersburg

Teak Lumber St Petersburg

Teak wood from Anderson Lumber is primarily Native to southern Asia. It is Widely grown on plantations throughout tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

The coloring of teak wood tends to be a golden or medium brown and color seems to get darker with age of the wood.

Teak lumber that you can get at Anderson Lumber of St Pete is a straight grain texture and occasionally wavy.

Somewhat Coarse with an uneven texture and lacking luster of some woods. Teak lumber is considered to be superior to many woods as it sets the standard for decay

Known for ease of work ability teak wood finishes well and has the scent of leather after milling.

Teak lumber is on the expensive side if you are watching your dollar. Possibly one of the most expensive lumber products on the market.

Purchasing Teak Wood 

As always Anderson Lumber of St Petersburg offers a great selection of woods that you just wont find at any of the other lumber stores in Gulfport and St Pete. Our lumber mill has provided a go to wood working store for our community for over 50 years. If you are in the market for some quality teak wood, stop in and visit our lumber mill and speak with an expert.  We will make sure that teak wood is the right choice for your project.