Spanish Cedar Lumber St Pete

Spanish Cedar Lumber St Pete

Spanish Cedar that is carried by Anderson Lumber of St Pete is usually native to Central and South America and sometimes the Caribbean.

Color is relatively light pinkish to reddish brown and coloring tends to get darker with age.

The texture is medium grain and Spanish Cedar carries a moderate luster.

Typically Spanish Cedar from Anderson Lumber of St Petersburg can be ring porous to medium large pores.

Spanish Cedar of St Petersburg Lumber company ranges is pretty good when it comes to resisting decay. Spanish Cedar is excellent for Florida and especially our Gulfport community because it is and excellent wood for weathering. Moderately durable wood that depends on where it is from.

Spanish Cedar is easy to work with both hand and machine tools. However, due to its low density and softness, Spanish Cedar can leave a surface fuzzy if not machined correctly.

Working with Spanish CedarĀ 

Working with machines and Spanish Cedar can be tricky due to the natural gum pockets that sometimes remain after cutting the wood.

The scent of Spanish Cedar is distinct like the boxes made for cigars.

Spanish Cedar is commonly available and used for most commonly plywood, cabinets and instruments.

If you wish to use Spanish Cedar on your woodworking project its best to speak with the experts from Anderson Lumber of St Pete. We pride ourselves on carrying the best quality Spanish Cedar products.