Shiplap Siding

The term “Ship Lap” is often misunderstood to mean a specific item. With the advent of so many home improvement shows, the term is often overused and incorrectly attributed. More commonly known as “Lap Siding”, there are several more common “Profiles” (the shape of the siding looking at the end of the board) used in our area. We carry lap siding primarily in Southern Yellow Pine but have the ability to mill it from most any of our wood species. If you are unsure of the name of the profile you are looking for, just bring in a small piece and we can help determine what you need. Is it Dolly Varden? Novelty? Square Nickle Gap? Beveled Cedar – or is it Cypress? We can help! Also, you can CLICK HERE and have a look at our comprehensive catalog of the moulding, siding, base, trim and crown profiles! We also carryCedar Shake bundles!Not one we have? Bring it in and we can provide a quote on custom milling what you need!