Most projects can be installed with little or no modification as part of the millwork process

Dolly Varden-Novelty-Nickle Gap

Various Hand-rail profiles. Can be milled from most woods.


Having our own mill on the premises allows us to “mill to spec” for your unique project. Whether you require an unusual size, thickness or profile, in most cases it is something we can achieve.

Additionally, we make our own knives on site. Have a particularly hard to find or historic crown moulding, baseboard or trim you want to reproduce? Bring us a sample and if we don’t already have it in our catalog, we can probably make it!

To see a comprehensive catalog of the moulding, siding, base, trim and crown profiles CLICK HERE.*

Please keep in mind that we are constantly updating this collection, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, we ask that you come by with a sample and we can take a look.