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Complete line of domestic lumber

Domestic Lumber is the type of wood that does not come from a foreign place, and it is typically common and easily available. We stock a huge selection of the most popular domestic woods like maple, cherry, alder, walnut and red oak. All lumber is quality and surfaced for any project whether you are a skilled tradesman, do it yourself homeowner, hobbyist or passionate woodworker.

The availability and characteristics of Domestic Hardwood vary according to growing regions. Domestic Lumber species is growing at a far greater rate than it is harvested. Few other countries can boast this level of success in the sustainability of its hardwood forests. The American hardwood forests support a vibrant, healthy and increasing stand of timber.

Once these select lumbers are harvested and milled, they offer a great variety of color, grain and use. Boasting unique features such as warm, darker tones of red oak, cherry and alder to the lighter hues of maple, tulip wood and ash. These species can be used in a wide range of applications, from fine furniture to industrial sized structural panels.

Each type of wood is going to have different unique features. With over 50 years of experience in lumber, you will be able to have our help in selecting the best wood for each job and let you know the durability and tricks to work with it.

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