Red Oak Lumber

Red Oak lumber that we carry at Anderson lumber of st petersburg is a high quality product and Distribution from Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada

Color/Appearance: Red Oak lumber Heartwood is a light to medium brown, commonly with a reddish cast. Nearly white to light brown Quartersawn section will display fleck patterns.

Rot Resistance: Rated as non-durable and Stains when in contact with water. Red Oaks do not have the level of decay and rot resistance that White Oaks possess.  Grain/Texture: Grain is straight, with a coarse, uneven texture. Workability of Red Oak lumber is Good with hand and machine tools.

Red Oak Lumber St Pete

In the wild red oak provides good cover and nesting sites for a wide variety of birds and mammals. Deer, elk, moose, and rabbits commonly browse leaves and young seedlings and the acorns are eaten by a wide variety of large and small mammals and birds.

The southern red oak, also planted as an ornamental, has a deeper root system, a shorter trunk, and two types of leaves: one with three apical lobes, the other with five to seven deep lobes, with the terminal lobe further divided. Both types are about 18 cm long, glossy dark green above, and rusty and hairy below; they turn orange to orange-brown in autumn.

Red oak commonly refers 2 timber trees, the northern red oak and the southern red oak.

Oak Pricing

Pricing/Availability: Abundant availability in a good range of widths and thicknesses, both as flatsawn and quartersawn lumber.

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