Radiata Pine Lumber

Radiata Pine Lumber that we carry at Anderson Lumber of st petersburg is a high quality product. Used for Veneer, plywood, paper (pulpwood), boxes/crates, and construction lumber. Primary Distribution from Native to central and southern coastal California. In addition it is planted throughout the southern hemisphere.

The Color/Appearance of Radiata Pine is light brown. Wide sapwood is a paler yellowish white, and is distinct from the heartwood. Plantation grown with few growth rings to show. The grain-texture of Radiata Pine  is Straight grained with a medium, even texture.

In the End grain: Medium-large resin canals, abundant and well distributed. Radiata Pine wood is rated as non-durable to perishable as far as decay. Radiata Pine of Anderson Lumber works well with both hand and machine tools. Therefore Great Work ability. there.

Radiata Pine wood Glues and finishes well. The odor of Radiata Pine is faint while being worked. Working with Radiata Pine wood that we carry at Anderson Lumber can cause allergic skin reactions.

Benefits of Using Radiata Pine 

Radiata Pine wood works easily with standard tools and responds well to thin and very sharp cutting edges, with little dulling effect. However, it does have a knotty character and resin canals, which can lead to premature blunting of cutters.

It does have good nail holding and gluing ability with a strong resistance to nail splitting.

It accepts a wide variety of paints, making it a good choice for staining as well. Strength properties are reported to be low in bending and stiffness with moderate crushing strength and shock resistance.

Radiata Pine wood also contains a high percentage of sapwood, which makes it easy to treat with preservatives, providing a protection

Radiata Pine is grown almost exclusively on plantations—most notably in Chile, Australia, and New Zealand. Moderate prices for imported lumber.

In the southern hemisphere, Radiata Pine is the most commonly planted and cultivated pine. A Valued wood for its use in construction.