Live Edge


Live Edge refers to the appearance of a slab of wood, when cut vertically with the natural growth of the tree. At Anderson Lumber, through our association with Funktionhouse Urban Furnishings & Lumber, we have a beautiful selection of live edge woods. Some with historic provenance and all locally sourced, we have many pieces large or small to accommodate your unique design needs.

Originally becoming popular in the 1940s, live edge slabs have once again gained that popularity for a variety of uses. Most recently, live edge slabs are used to make epoxy “River Tables”, bathroom vanities, fireplace mantles and bar tops. We work closely with the proprietors of Funktionhouse to mill their slabs into your ideas!

Please visit their website at for a complete overview of their products and services.

Have a tree you’ve had removed and want the wood made into slabs? Need milling services for large slabs? Contact Funktionhouse!

Cut-offs or Drops

For the hobbyist or if you just need a smaller piece to finish a project, we have a large selection of cut-off lumber. Please feel free to come in and look to see if just the right piece is here. This is a self-serve area and most pieces are priced and marked with the species. If you find something that is not identified, we will help.