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Live Edge Wood

beautful live edge wood slabs anderson lumber gulfport

Want to give your home a country feel? Live edge Wood is the perfect choice for your next project. The natural appearance and beauty of live edge wood will give your home a rustic feel. The use of live edge lumber for home projects is rapidly increasing. Furniture, countertops, shelving and more, you will only be limited by the imagination.

Live edge wood refers to the natural edge of the wood under the bark after it is cut. Portrayed in its natural state, you can see the lines of the trunk near the edges. Gaining popularity in the 1940’s when George Nakashima first began to use it. At Anderson Lumber of St Petersburg our customers can choose from a wide variety of quality live edge lumber. We offer the best live edge selection of unique lumber to use for their own projects.

What Are Live Edge Slabs

As we are all aware, Traditional lumber comes with straight sides. 2 by four, 2 by 6 etc. have finished edges. The live edge wood at Anderson Lumber of St Pete does not have finished edges. The edge of the wood is practically the same as when someone cut it from the tree. Some great choices for your live edge projects are oak, cherry, maple, beech and pine.

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Live Edge Lumber Species

Oak – With over 600 different species of trees in the oak family, it is very durable and cost effective. The most common species of oak is the red oak. Light brown in color with a shade of red in hue. Oaks are straight grained which makes it easy to cut along as well as being easy to glue, stain, and finish.

Pine – The most abundant type of wood in North America. A straight grained structure showing rings in dark bands. The color of pine ranges from pale yellow to light reddish brown. Despite the pliability of pinewood, it is quite stable.

Beech– Beech is a strong hard wood and maintains a great value. The color of beech wood is pale cream with a hint of pink or brown hue. The wood-grain of beech is straight grain with fine to medium texture and some medium sheen. Great for wood furniture and projects.

Maple– Maple is a great choice of those who love to work with wood. The color of maple is a pale cream color but darkens when exposed to light. A fine grain texture and a reddish brown with light exposure.

beautful live edge wood slabs anderson lumber gulfport

Cherry– Cherry is very workable with vibrant colors and patterns of grain. Black cherry is very common in North America. The color of the wood changes when it hits sunlight. The color, variety and texture of Cherry wood can make it exceptional for a table

Walnut– Rich color but rare and expensive.
The most common species is black walnut which colors run from dark tan to deep chocolate brown and sometimes possesses purple and greenish hues. Walnut is the darkest texture of domestic trees and its rich dark color helps it stand out significantly.

Live Edge Popularity

As we stated before live edge started gaining popularity in the 1940’s. It took a while for it to really take off. Around the turn of the 21st century, the popularity of wood slabs exploded.

Builders and manufacturers alike use them in homes for a rustic design. Not only can you use the wood slabs as furniture, counter-tops, stairs, shelving and more.

live edge lumber slabs for home projects

Cost Of Live Edge Lumber

They say you get what you pay for. That holds true with live edge. The cost of a live edge wood slab varies considerably. Type of wood and size of the live edge piece will effect the cost. You should be aware that live edge wood tends to be more expensive than traditional lumber.

Where to Buy Live Edge 

If you live in Pinellas County, or the Tampa Bay area, Anderson Lumber has a great selection. We make it easy for our customers to come visit our lumber yard. Choosing the right piece of live edge in person makes the difference. Sure you can buy online, but you wont get to see it in person. Our staff will help you select and answer all of your questions. Choose the perfect live edge wood when you shop at Anderson Lumber Of St Pete. Call us or come in:  (727) 321-3111

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