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Improve The Look and Feel of Your Home With Quality Wood Siding

There are a variety of ways to improve the value of your home. If you decide to take the leap into home improvement, adding a beautiful wood siding to your home may just be the renovation for you. A new custom wood siding is a great way to update the exterior of your home while adding a stylish durability.

Anderson Lumber of St. Petersburg boasts one of the largest wood selections in the Bay Area. They offer everything from aromatic cedar and cherry, to various oaks, balsa, and much more. They’re proud to help you re-side your home with their custom mill work and affordable prices.

Custom Wood Siding

Wood siding on a home possesses a natural charm that’s hard to beat. It has a warm and cozy feel. Even better than that – it’s durable. Wood siding can last generations when properly maintained. Choose higher grade woods that are free of knots if you plan to use a clear sealer or a semi-transparent stain. Choose less expensive wood for use with paint or opaque stains. Maintain the siding by reapplying clear finishes every two years, semi-transparent stains every three years, or paint every five years.

Considering wood siding for your home is also a more environmentally friendly option than others such as vinyl or cement. It is highly sustainable and breaks down easily in landfills. There are fewer CO2 emissions created when producing wood.

A wood siding for your home is both beautiful and durable. Anderson Lumber couples that timeless beauty with great prices. They have over 100 years of experience under their belts to help you find exactly what you need.


By Katherine Sinner

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