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How to Choose Custom Millwork for Your Home

Custom Millwork

Custom millwork is the silent partner of the practical and impressive home. Everyone has to consider how to design or upgrade their home and custom millwork can make the difference. A few millwork installations in your kitchen, windows, or living room can catch the eye, while keeping cost and maintenance down.

That’s why, when you want to take the step to improve your home, you want to reach out to a local company that you can trust. That’s why Anderson Lumber Company’s mission is to provide the greatest experience selection, service and quality custom woodwork in St. Petersburg.

Spruce up your home

Simple updates can make the difference. The quick addition of some professionally crafted custom baseboards or hand crafted wood window frames can contribute beautifully to your home. There are endless opportunities. Whether you want to improve a specific room, or just add a small touch of beauty to your home.

Custom millwork can also increase the value of your home. A budget conscious woodworking project with interior or exterior improvements can greatly improve the value of your home investment.

Protect your investment

Florida is an especially humid environment. Everyone wants to make the right decision on how to invest in their home. It’s important to choose the right type of lumber, which is easy to maintain, looks great, while providing immediate and future value to your home.

The weather in Florida can be harsh. Custom millwork can also be used to preserve and repair pre-exiting architecture, window frames and wood doors. Tampa Bay has some amazing historical houses. It’s important to preserve them!

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