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Endless Possibilities of Reclaimed Wood

Endless Possibilities of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood for Home Improvement has become quite the trend lately. With do it yourselves, contractors, homeowners and business owners using the beautiful wood from wooden barns and timber houses to accent their own buildings.

The truth is that the possibilities are endless. Using the planks, wood and beams from old structures and putting them to use in a new place to call home. There’s no substitute for the warmth that wood brings to your home. Every single piece of reclaimed wood from Anderson Lumber of St Pete has history and tells a story of the past. Adding the accent of reclaimed wood to your home will give it that perfect touch you were looking for. What other material can add so much charachter and age to a new home in such a short time?

Part of the popularity for the use of reclaimed wood is that rustic look and feel it provides in the setting. Reclaimed wood is a very versatile wood and can be used to improve and accent any space. Many restaurants choose to use reclaimed wood with a certain appearance in mind. An important feauture of reclaimed lumber from Anderson of St Pete is the ability to accomodate any look. From rustic to chic, if you can envision a look reclaimed wood can deliver.
will deliver. Make sure when shopping for reclaimed wood that you have the end result in mind. This will help with your shopping for a particular type of salvaged

There are many common uses for reclaimed wood. Some of them are:

– Headboard
– Coffee Table
– Tables
– Walls
– Kitchen Island
– Coffee Cup Holder
– Decking
– Wood Jewelry Holder
– Walls
– Flooring
– Lighting-Decorative
– Bars
– Restaurants
– Barstools
– Backsplash

Being a eco friendly wood is also a big plus when using reclaimed wood. The processing of reclaimed wood uses more than 10 times less energy than other woods would use. The reuse of reclaimed wood from Anderson Lumber of St Pete is a great way for those who are environmentally friendly to infuse their beliefs into their own homes and businesses. This happens because you are reusing material from trees that were cut down a long time ago and saving it from going up in flames.

The material can be used for flooring, interior trim, kitchen cabinets, or pretty much anywhere in a home that you might consider using wood. And if you’re concerned about protecting the environment, using reclaimed wood is the ultimate in recycling. You’re reusing material from trees that were cut down ages ago and saving it from ending up in the burn pile. The use of reclaimed timber cuts down on waste and contributes to modern sustainability.

If you are looking to accent a room, add charachter to your home or business reclaimed wood is perfect for you. Reclaimed wood from Anderson Lumber of St Pete can be transformed into almost anything with a little effort.

Reclaimed wood from Anderson Lumber of St Pete is beautiful, price friendly and environmentally friendly. If you are starting a project in the Gulfport, St Pete or Tam,pa Bay area and looking for the perfect material to make your home or business stand out, then reclaimed wood would be perfect for you.

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