Eastern White Pine Lumber

Eastern White Pine Lumber that we carry at Anderson Lumber of st petersburg is a high quality product. Used for Crates, boxes, interior millwork, construction lumber, carving, and boat building. Primary Distribution from Eastern North America.

Color/Appearance of Eastern White Pine is light brown, therefore a slightly reddish color. Color tends to darken with age.

Grain/Texture is straight with an even, medium texture. Rot Resistance of Eastern White Pine wood is rated as moderate to low in decay resistance.

Work ability of Eastern White Pine wood of Anderson Lumber of St Petersburg is easy to work with. Both hand and machine tools. Glues and finishes well.

Pine Wood Qualities

Average Width: Average spread of Pinus strobus is 20-40 feet at maturity.
Leaf Description of Eastern white pine trees. They have evergreen needles, 3 to 5 inches long, with five slender, flexible needles per fascicle. Fascicle sheath deciduous, needles appear blue-green because of 3 or more glaucous lines of stomata.

Bark Description: On young trees, pinus strobus bark is thin, smooth and gray-green with some lighter splotchy patches; later, bark becomes thick, reddish-brown to gray-brown with prominent, finely scaled, rounded, long ridges and darker furrows.
Twig Description is Slender, gray-green to orange-brown in color; buds are long, ovoid, reddish-brown.

The flowering of the pine Monoecious. Males cylindrical, yellow, in clusters near branch tips; females light green, tinged in red, at ends of branches. Needle or Broadleaf is Needle bearing.

Odor of Eastern Pine has a faint, resinous odor therefore not too bad.

Allergies/Toxicity: Working with Eastern White Pine wood has been known to cause skin and breathing issues. Therefore should use with caution.

In addition Pricing/Availability: Eastern White Pine is widely harvested for construction lumber. Prices should be moderate for a domestic softwood.

Comments: Eastern White Pine as offered by Anderson Lumber is one of the most common and widely used timbers for construction lumber in the northeast United States. Anderson lumber of St Pete carries this quality product and many more.