Bloodwood that we carry at Anderson Lumber is an exotic wood that is sometimes referred to as cardinal wood.
Bloodwood has a beautiful rose color and with age tends to darken. Mostly dense wood with a tight grain.

Coating heavily and keep from sunlight will help with color change.Grain is usually straight or slightly interlocked with a nice luster. Bloodwood has a good resistance to rotting.

Bloodwood has a high bending and crushing strength. With a great deal of pressure tends to splinter.

Even though it is a tough wood it is very workable. Great with hand and power tools, but may need to pre drill.
Holds screws well. Glues, stains and polishes to a very good finish. Gorilla glue or epoxy for best results.

Some great uses for Bloodwood at Anderson Lumber are, Cabinet making, furniture, decorative inlay, marquetry work, fancy boxes, turning, veneers.

Little know facts about Bloodwood are the tree can be used treating various medical conditions such as ringworm, stabbing pains, eye problems, malaria and issues with the stomach.