Woodworking Ideas For Your Home

Looking for some great woodworking ideas for your home? Come in and take a walk around our lumber yard. Anderson Lumber is the place to go for quality lumber for your next DIY home improvement project. We offer quality reclaimed and live edge woods that you can’t find anywhere else. We have happily served the St Petersburg and Gulfport communities for over 5 decades. Need some great ideas for your home project? You came to the right place.

DIY Wood Table

A fun wood project that can be done by anyone with the right tools. Select the right piece of wood for your table and get to work. Not sure which piece of lumber to use for your project? That’s why we are here. Our shop is stocked with great pieces for the table you wish to create. Grab Fred and he will be glad to give you his expert advice. Wood is great because it is all natural and has an endless selection of textures and colors.

Custom Shelf for Your Home

The list of Woodworking Ideas for Your Home are endless. A DIY shelf would look great in any room and can be done easily.

Pick a great piece of wood for a rustic wood shelf and display your nick knacks or photos. Need more than 1 shelf? Make one or several for your home. You are the boss! It’s your project, have fun and start home improving. After you finish your home, make some for friends and family.

Woodworking Ideas For Your Home and Yard

Living in St Petersburg we get to enjoy the outdoors and weather year round. What better way to relax outside than a wooden swing? It is a easy DIY woodworking project that will transform your outdoor area. With some rope or chain, the right wood and a little work you will soon have a place to sit. If you want to paint it, pick a color that matches your outdoor area.

DIY Woodworking Ideas Bookcase

Love to read? What better place for your books than a custom bookcase. Build the perfect size bookcase just for your books. For the den, bedroom or living area, a great way to showcase your passion.

The unique and cozy feeling you get from natural wood is all the reason you need to get going. Come in to our lumber yard and pick what you need. The rest is up to you.

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Benefits Of Woodworking

Woodworking has been around for a very long time. The benefits of woodworking, however, are more than you may have possibly imagined. We are well aware that a creative person can make beautiful furniture and shelves. What we may not realize is just how beneficial woodworking can be to your health.

Stress Reduction With Woodworking

Anything that gets your mind of off of things for awhile is a good thing. Woodworking does just that. As you immerse yourself in the woodworking project, anxiety and daily stress seem to vanish.

When it comes to woodworking, you have to pay attention to detail. By doing this your concentration is focused. This is great for brain and memory alike. From beginning woodworkers to expert, we can all benefit when we focus on detail.

Creativity With Woodworking

Creativity is one of the many benefits of woodworking. Using your imagination and going with it is just one way to have fun with woodworking. With quality wood products, like the ones you can find at Anderson Lumber, you will have everything you need to create your project. Learning on the fly with woodworking will only elevate your creativity. No 2 projects are alike. Therefore, your independent thinking and creative abilities will be put to the test. It takes time. Don’t give up on woodworking. The more time you put into it the better you will get.

Benefits of Woodworking With Natural Wood

Natural products and exposure to them have a benefit on our well being. Living in and working with these products seem to have positive effects on health and mental wellness. Which relates to woodworking for a living or a hobby. Its a healthy hobby, that you can take time to develop your skill set. Enjoy it and have fun. There are no pressures or deadlines.

The beauty of woodworking is that you start with a piece of wood. A blank canvas. What you do with it, the finished product is all up to you. You are the creator and control where the project goes. Using natural products from the environment for your project is an added benefit to enjoy. No matter what age you are, the benefits of woodworking are many. Come in to Anderson lumber in St Petersburg and choose from our great selection. Enjoy the process and eventually the finished product.

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Live Edge Wood

Want to give your home a country feel? Live edge Wood is the perfect choice for your next project. The natural appearance and beauty of live edge wood will give your home a rustic feel. The use of live edge lumber for home projects is rapidly increasing. Furniture, countertops, shelving and more, you will only be limited by the imagination.

Live edge wood refers to the natural edge of the wood under the bark after it is cut. Portrayed in its natural state, you can see the lines of the trunk near the edges. Gaining popularity in the 1940’s when George Nakashima first began to use it. At Anderson Lumber of St Petersburg our customers can choose from a wide variety of quality live edge lumber. We offer the best live edge selection of unique lumber to use for their own projects.

What Are Live Edge Slabs

As we are all aware, Traditional lumber comes with straight sides. 2 by four, 2 by 6 etc. have finished edges. The live edge wood at Anderson Lumber of St Pete does not have finished edges. The edge of the wood is practically the same as when someone cut it from the tree. Some great choices for your live edge projects are oak, cherry, maple, beech and pine.

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Live Edge Lumber Species

Oak – With over 600 different species of trees in the oak family, it is very durable and cost effective. The most common species of oak is the red oak. Light brown in color with a shade of red in hue. Oaks are straight grained which makes it easy to cut along as well as being easy to glue, stain, and finish.

Pine – The most abundant type of wood in North America. A straight grained structure showing rings in dark bands. The color of pine ranges from pale yellow to light reddish brown. Despite the pliability of pinewood, it is quite stable.

Beech– Beech is a strong hard wood and maintains a great value. The color of beech wood is pale cream with a hint of pink or brown hue. The wood-grain of beech is straight grain with fine to medium texture and some medium sheen. Great for wood furniture and projects.

Maple– Maple is a great choice of those who love to work with wood. The color of maple is a pale cream color but darkens when exposed to light. A fine grain texture and a reddish brown with light exposure.

beautful live edge wood slabs anderson lumber gulfport

Cherry– Cherry is very workable with vibrant colors and patterns of grain. Black cherry is very common in North America. The color of the wood changes when it hits sunlight. The color, variety and texture of Cherry wood can make it exceptional for a table

Walnut– Rich color but rare and expensive.
The most common species is black walnut which colors run from dark tan to deep chocolate brown and sometimes possesses purple and greenish hues. Walnut is the darkest texture of domestic trees and its rich dark color helps it stand out significantly.

Live Edge Popularity

As we stated before live edge started gaining popularity in the 1940’s. It took a while for it to really take off. Around the turn of the 21st century, the popularity of wood slabs exploded.

Builders and manufacturers alike use them in homes for a rustic design. Not only can you use the wood slabs as furniture, counter-tops, stairs, shelving and more.

live edge lumber slabs for home projects

Cost Of Live Edge Lumber

They say you get what you pay for. That holds true with live edge. The cost of a live edge wood slab varies considerably. Type of wood and size of the live edge piece will effect the cost. You should be aware that live edge wood tends to be more expensive than traditional lumber.

Where to Buy Live Edge 

If you live in Pinellas County, or the Tampa Bay area, Anderson Lumber has a great selection. We make it easy for our customers to come visit our lumber yard. Choosing the right piece of live edge in person makes the difference. Sure you can buy online, but you wont get to see it in person. Our staff will help you select and answer all of your questions. Choose the perfect live edge wood when you shop at Anderson Lumber Of St Pete. Call us or come in:  (727) 321-3111

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Woodworking Projects

Woodworking Projects DIY Creativity

Woodworking projects encourage creativity and the possibilities are endless. If you can dream it woodworking will let you build it.

The experience of woodworking is different for each person that takes on a project, from an idea to an actual creation, with the right wood there is nothing that can hold you back. If you are new to DIY and woodworking projects don’t worry, the more you do the better you get. Sure you may make some mistakes from time to time, but the experience you gain working with wood and the tools needed is invaluable.

Woodworking Projects Require Focus

DIY projects that require woodworking require attention and focus. You will be working with tools and want to limit mistakes made. You will notice that over time your level of concentration on the task at hand will improve. This will translate in other areas of your life as well. Attention to detail and little flaws in your work that you may not have noticed before, will be clear now. As you gain more experience with wood your bad habits will disappear.

Confidence With New Woodworking Tools

Almost all woodworking jobs will require hand and or power tools. If you are new to working with the required tools, take it slow, gain confidence and build. Don’t rush while working with tools, its a bad recipe for an injury or a mistake with your wood project. Do research and find what others have to say about the woodworking tools you are using and if there may be a better option.

Essential Woodworking Tools:

Saws are very important when it comes to working with wood. Cutting and ripping wood is necessary for many of the projects you will take on. Saws come in different shapes and sizes and perform different cutting tasks.

  •  Circular Saw
  •  Jigsaw
  • Compound Miter Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Bandsaw
  • Handsaws- Handsaws have quite a history and have been around for hundreds of years. A toothed steel blade with a wooden handle designed to slide back and forth.
  • Planes- Planes use a fixed blade to shave off wood fibers, letting them take shape.
  • Orbital Sander- smoothing of wood
  • Hand Files- used to shape and smooth wood. Hand files are inexpensive and last a long time if you buy ones made with quality steel.
  • Hammer- Woodworking hammers for pounding and prying
  • Power Drill- Electric powered drills are used so often in the workshop and for so many reasons.

If you are new to woodworking or have yet to take on your first project, its time to jump in. Woodworking will give you a feeling like no other. Your idea, quality wood from Anderson Lumber,  and some tools is all you need to begin. To be able to turn your vision into a finished project is priceless. Whether it is a chair a table or some other vision, nothing compares. As you gain experience your creativity will hit new heights.

wood finish on door for home renovation

Wood Finish

Choosing The Best Wood Finish For My Project

With so many ways to finish wood how do you know which one to choose? from urethane’s and stains, oils and lacquers to sealers and varnishes, the possibilities are endless. The experts at Anderson Lumber are here to help you get started with some great advice or tips for selecting the correct wood finish for your woodworking projects.

The way a wood finishes often depends on a number of different variables. Grain, texture, wood type, age, temperature and more. The best way to see what you get is to go for it. Test your finish out on a comparable piece of wood to see what finished product you will get. If you don’t like it keep trying til you get what you are looking for. It’s kind of like cooking and adding an ingredient to your dish. If you need to add or take away, you can make adjustments and eventually you will get what you were looking for. Wood finish and cooking? If you want it to be perfect it takes practice. Just have patience and you will be pleased with the outcome. There are many types of finishes, keep searching and you will find that one that works best for your woodworking projects.

Wood Finish Types


Polyurethane is a very common type of wood finish and is one of the most commonly used wood finishes today. Polyurethane is great for areas with heavy traffic like hardwood floors. It can also be used on doors and windows as well as some furniture. The only downside is it leaves a slick finish that may not give the user what they were hoping for.

Polyurethane Use and Info:

  • Moderate Application
  • Use Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner to clean
  • After Cure To remove will need sandpaper
  • Available in Satin, Semi Gloss and Gloss
  • When Applying do not shake only stir to avoid bubbles
  • Use Bristle Brush
  • Drying Time 12-24 Hours
  • Sand between coats for smooth finish

wood finish on door for home renovation

Oil Finishes

Oil finishes are a combination of different oils, resins and solvents which gives them the ability to dry quick and
add protection to the surface. The most popular oil wood stain finishes are Tung Oil, Teak Oil, Antique Oil. One of the best options when it comes to oil finish is Boiled Linseed Oil. Boiled Linseed Oil is a slow drying oil that penetrates deep in the wood and gives it a great finish. Over time Boiled Linseed Oil will strengthen the wood and give it a protection from water and other types of potential damage. Boiled Linseed Oil looks great on wood and brings out features that will allow you to appreciate the beauty of the wood itself.

Finishing with Boiled Linseed Oil

  • Easy Application
  • For Clean Up and Thinning use mineral Spirits
  • Usually a Satin Sheen
  • Use a cloth to apply
  • Sometimes takes days to dry
  • Apply multiple coats


Wax is available in liquid, paste, and solid stick forms.
Wax is available in numerous colors. Colors often available are clear, amber and a range of wood tones and even white. Waxes range from soft to hard but never as hard as lacquer and varnish. For finishing purposes wax does not penetrate wood, it stays on top. It prevents oxidation, but does not enhance at all. Wax is best when added to oil finish. You will need to wax from time to time to maintain.

Water Base Finish For Wood

Water base wood finish can offer a good protection when applied correctly. Most water based finishes dry quick so that is an added feature when using. With water finish you can apply several coats a day with minimal odor.


– Water Base finish cost twice as much as oil-based polys and often need more coats.
– Most water-based polys contain only 30 to 35 percent solids, compared with the 45 to 50 percent solids in oil-based products
– You don’t get a rich glow that oil-based polys impart

Finishing your wood can be very rewarding when done right. Make sure you know what works best for the type of wood you are finishing. Remember Anderson Lumber of St Petersburg for all of your hard wood and lumber needs. Have a question, our experts are at the mill and ready to help.

Custom Wood Lattice St Pete

Custom Wood Lattice St Pete

Custom Wood Lattice from Anderson Lumber of St Petersburg is a great way to decorate the exterior of your home and give you another reason to spend the day outdoors enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine.

Wood Lattice is not only a natural product but it also adds instant appeal to your St Petersburg home. Customize your own lattice design and enjoy the elegance it gives your home. Commonly used as a border it provides privacy and security.

A custom wood lattice fence from Anderson Lumber of St Petersburg makes a natural welcomed addition to any Gulfport home.

Customize your lattice fence and bring your visions to reality with Anderson Lumber. Beautiful all natural wood lattice is decorative and adds charm to any home. The privacy that is provided by a custom wood lattice fence is one of the best feautures of all. It can be placed almost anywhere and is flexible yet strong enough to withstand Florida weather.

Custom Wood Lattice Can Be Used For:

Privacy Screens
Deck Rail Panels
Fence Panels

Gazebo Construction
Decorative Trim
Deck Skirting
Room Dividers
Garden Arbors
Wall Decor
Window Screening
Spa Areas
Unwanted Views

Our Custom Wood Lattice provides an easy-to-use, economical, and versatile method to enhance your home and add substantial value to your property.

Lattice can be used to provide privacy, add unique style to your home. Lattice can add new dimensions to the appearance of your property.

If you are looking to make the outdoor area of your home more appealing or just want some more privacy, custom wood lattice from Anderson Lumber of St Pete is the place to shop. Come in and see us today.

Wood Decks Endless Possibilities

Liven Up Your Home With A Custom Wood Deck

Living in St Petersburg we are spoiled by the beautiful weather. A great way to spend even more time outside in the sun and not leave home is with a custom wood deck. Are you someone who likes a return on your investment? Not only is an outdoor deck a great space for entertaining family and friends, but a deck adds value to your home. With some great choices of lumber for your outdoor deck, Anderson Lumber can assist with any questions you may have about any of our great wood decking.

If you love entertaining and want a great space to do it, an outdoor deck can be built and customized to fit your needs. Family get togethers, parties, BBQ’s and more all without leaving the comforts of your home. Most people feel like they have an outdoor living area. Easily add a TV, tables and comfortable furniture for even more customizing.

Like we said before there are many ways to customize and design your home deck. Match it up with your current living space, accent with colors and outdoor lighting and shades of stain. The possibilities are endless and Anderson Lumber will help with any questions about your new outdoor wood deck.

One of the nice things about a deck is that it actually makes your living sopace feel bigger. A deck gives you the option to get away without leaving home. Need a litlte fresh air or just some space to think? Step outside and enjoy all the comforts and sounds of nature on your beautiful customized wood deck. It just doesnt get much better than this.

If the initial cost has you worried make sure to do your research. A wood deck can be built fairly inexpensive and the ROI is excellent. You will have plenty of customizing options from the start. Just make sure to ask lots of questions and compare materials and quotes. If you need help and have questions, remember your friends at Anderson Lumber of St Pete. We are lumber experts and have assisted our St Petersburg community with deck builds for over 5 decades.

Lumber Sawing Methods

Lumber Sawing Methods

At Anderson Lumber of St Pete we are often asked about the words Quartersawn and the difference between lumber cutting methods. At our St Petersburg, Florida Lumber mill we have been using the various methods for cutting lumber for over five decades. To help our customers understand the work Quartersawn we thought we would explain the various ways to saw a wood log.

Plain Sawing or Flat Sawing

The most commonly used method is plain Sawing. This method is the simplest way to cut rectangular boards out of a round log. In plain sawing, the wood is saw tangentially to the annual growth rings. You can easily notice this cut by the cathedral arches.

Quarter Sawing

Quarter sawing is also popular and gets its name from the fact that the log is first quartered lengthwise, resulting in wedges with a right angle ending at approximately the center of the original log.Then you take each quarter of sawn wood and tip it and cut again. Resulting in boards with the annual rings mostly perpendicular to the faces. Benefits of Quarter sawing is that it yields boards with straight grain lines, and greater stability than flatsawn wood.

Rift Sawn Wood Technique

The Riftsawn method of cutting wood is seldom used as it produces a great deal of waste. The technique used also prvents the rays from showing after the cut.

Understanding the different techniques that go in to cutting your lumber may help you make an easy decision next time you are shopping for lumber in St Pete.

Historic Reclaimed Wood

Get ready St Petersburg!

Anderson Lumber together with Edison Ford Winter Estates, is making it possible to own a piece of history. The beautiful historic reclaimed wood from the gardens of Edison estates will be available on a first come first serve basis. You can get on the list to own a historic piece of this reclaimed lumber by contacting Anderson Lumber. Yes you can own something that was planted by hand by the great Thomas Edison, dating back over 100 years ago.

Thomas Edison first purchased the property in 1885 and put his design to paper in a plan drawn by hand. Thomas Edison first became interested in the property because of the bamboo planted there. The east side of Edison’s property were primarily used to grow experimental plants while the ones on the west were for personal interest. Used as a place to getaway as well as living quarters, many trees were planted throughout the property to provide privacy to Edison as well as his influential guests. Thomas Edison and his wife Mina had a passion for nature and planted a diverse species to attract birds and butterflies.


historic reclaimed wood


How did Anderson Lumber get the trees?

Great question. During Hurricane Irma some of the historic trees on the grounds at Edison Winter Estates sustained damage and were either knocked or cut down for safety reasons. In an attempt to make a bad situation into a good one, our good friends at Edison Winter Estates provided an opportunity for Anderson Lumber to take ownership of this historic reclaimed lumber. Of course we jumped at the opportunity.

Some of the species of reclaimed wood that are coming are African Mahogany, Australian Pine, Buddha Coconut, Java Plum, Mango, Moreton Bay Chestnut, Mysore fig, Shaving Brush, Sausage Tree and Ylang Ylang.

We are very thankful to Edison Estates and excited at the opportunity to share this historic reclaimed lumber with our Gulfport, St Pete and Tampa Bay Communities. If you love reclaimed lumber and would like to add a piece of history to your home, make sure to contact Us and get your name on the list.

We wont have it for long!!