Aspen Wood

Aspen Wood is a great wood and easy to work with. Our St Petesrburg lumber mill provides our community a historic setting to look over our lumber and select from the fine choices of woodworking materials and woods we offer.

The Distribution of aspen is primarily Canada and northern United States.

Aspen tends to be a light brown. Wide sapwood is a pale yellow to nearly white, and isn’t clearly demarcated, tending to gradually blend into the heartwood.

Aspen Wood Of St Petersburg

The Grain of Aspen is generally straight, with a uniform medium texture. Low natural luster.

Aspen wood the we offer at Anderson Lumber of St Pete is easy to work with by hand and machine tools, Aspen Does not split easily, and has poor nail-holding capability. Wood has a tendency to warp and distort during drying. Glues and finishes well.

The abundance of aspen supports much of the logging industry across the Great Lakes states and Canada. Abundant because it propagates and grows rapidly in areas cleared by fire or harvest, aspen has many commercial uses.

Aspen is used For carving and makes a great sub for basswood. Also used for furniture, paneling, and mill-work.

Aspen has no odor and imparts no taste to food-stuffs, so it’s ideal for baskets, bowls, and containers. Children’s toys made from aspen remain splinter-free.

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