Ash Wood St Petersburg

Ash Wood St Petersburg

Ash Wood has a very pronounced grain and is also known by other names such as White Ash, Green Ash, Red Ash, Black Ash, Brown Ash. Some noticeable differences between the two are that white ash tends to have a lighter color, and wider growth rings. Where as the Black Ash tends to be slightly darker, and the growth rings are typically much closer together.

Ash Wood from Anderson Lumber of St Pete has good bending properties, strength and overall toughness. Ash is hard for it being fairly light in weight.

Some of the common uses of White Ash are that it is used extensively for sporting goods such as bats, oars, pool cues etc.

Trees often attain heights of 70 to 80 feet, with trunk diameters of 24 to 36 inches. White Ash lumber is regularly sold in the rough cut form. As a species, Ash lumber is considered to have a moderate hardwood lumber price point.

For St Pete woodworking purposes ash has is a great value costing less than other comparable hardwoods.