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Anderson Eco-Friendly Post

Wood is a fantastic material to use in all of your home improvement endeavors. Not only does it possess a beautiful and timeless look, but it can also be durable, environmentally friendly, and more cost effective in the long run. Anderson Lumber of St. Petersburg, Florida has one of the largest selections of wood around. Their goal is to provide quality materials with great customer service, and even better prices.

Using wood is much more environmentally friendly than many may think. It has great insulating properties. In fact, inch for inch, it insulates significantly better than concrete, steel, or even aluminum. Wood reduces energy waste along with the accompanying costs.


The manufacturing of wood is also the most efficient when compared to other building materials. It actually costs very little energy to produce. Wood comprises 47% of industrial raw materials manufactured in the U.S., but it only uses a mere 4% of the energy needed to manufacture these materials.



Another reason why wood is so environmentally friendly is simply because of how durable it is. There are wood structures around the world that have lasted thousands of years when taken care of. This long-lasting durability translates into sustainability and energy savings. There are very few materials that can withstand the test of time!

Anderson Lumber has been around for over 100 years. Their highly professional craftsmen have many years of experience. This family owned and operated business is ready to help you tackle an eco-friendly home improvement.

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